ReGame-XR Summer Internship

Applications for 2023 ReGame-XR are now closed

The NeuroDiversity in Tech Internship began in 2018 at the University of California, San Diego, and has been growing stronger than ever.

We are happy to announce Northeastern University as a second site to continue to support our community!

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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) affect 1 out of 59 individuals, cost $137 billion per year in the U.S., and result in a staggering unemployment rate for adults who have the skills to contribute substantially to the technology workforce.

Over the course of 9 weeks (June 20 through August 18), our interns work in teams as programmers, project managers, artists, and designers with the aid of a peer coach to develop a research-based video game. They will develop their game from concept to production by fostering a stakeholder relationship with researchers. At the end of the program, interns present their achievements to the community, including industry partners and advocates, during a showcase event.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive workplace training in a supportive environment to enable individuals to thrive in tech occupations.


Each year we engage a group of individuals who are underrepresented in the tech workforce–individuals with developmental disorders, specifically autism spectrum disorders. This includes those who are either preparing to enroll, are currently enrolled, have graduated from 2- to 4-year college or post-secondary training school, or are otherwise seeking employment.

    The primary criteria for admission are:

      • A strong interest in video game design or development applied to educational or research setting
      • A longstanding personal understanding of autism spectrum disorders or living with neurodiverse conditions.
      • Must be at least 18 years old, and have a high school diploma or equivalent/GED by the start of the internship.
      • Availability to work in-person and commute to the Northeastern University for the duration of the internship, spanning from June 20th to August 18th.

      We are interested in eager, motivated learners with a wide range of skills and abilities. Candidates will be selected based on qualifications and interest in the program. Interns will receive a stipend for their engagement in the program.


      Intern responsibilities & expectations include:

            • Work in-person and commute to Northeastern University for the duration of the internship, spanning from June 20th to August 18th. 
            • Interns working in a morning group work Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF) from 8 to 12 and Tuesday, Thursday (TuTh) from 8 to 1 (total of 22 hours per week).
            • Interns working in an afternoon group work M/W/F 1-5 and Tu/Th 12-5 (also 22 hours per week)
            • Review onboarding material provided before the internship and submit forms sent out by HR in a timely manner.
            • Attend and report work progress during daily team meetings, biweekly stakeholder meetings, and a final showcase to demonstrate the culmination of their project work.
            • Learn, communicate, and engage in constructive collaboration with their interdisciplinary team, their coach, other members of the internship, and their stakeholders.
            • Participate in Lunch & Learn events on Tuesdays and Thursdays intended for professional development workshops and QA test sessions  (2 hours a week) to ensure that features are working as intended according to the stakeholder specifications and design limitations.
            • Program does not operate on July 3rd & 4th, so the total number of hours is 185.
            • Total stipend is $3,000.

            Interns will gain:

              • Paid experience in project-based work, allowing teams to gain knowledge of standard tech workplace practices and procedures.
              • Productivity skills include time management, focused note-taking, and effective communication.
              • Strengthened technical skills and exposure to workplace etiquette and expectations.
              • Proficiency in constructing a resume and using network-building tools such as LinkedIn.
              • Specific skills and familiarity related to different aspects of video game design and development.

              **Please note that Northeastern University requires full vaccination (including booster shot) for all faculty, staff, students, and contract employees. All interns must to follow the Northeastern University’s COVID-19 protocol during the program.

              For more information:

              Roles and Responsibilities


              • Develop with Unity and the C# programming language
              • Use Git to compare and share code with other teammates
              • Write and document code that you can explain thoroughly to others with or without programming knowledge
              • Provide clear criteria and instructions to the group via GitHub on how the implemented features and mechanics should be tested

              Artist/Sound Designer

              • Use graphic art software to create 2D/ 3D assets, and acquire graphics online for the game’s characters, background, UI, and objects
              • Import graphics into the project and review them with the designer and project manager
              • Sound Designer specifies, acquires, and creates auditory elements, like music and sound effects, using audio production techniques and tools
              • Ensure that the art/sound assets are added to the Unity project correctly


              • Communicate, document, and study the game’s design needs and best practices
              • Reflect the game’s intent, target audience, and the requirements into the game design
              • Work with the peer coach and project manager to adjust the game’s design based on stakeholder requirements and resource limitations
              • Collaborate with the rest of the group to confirm that the Unity project reflects the documented design decisions

              Project Coordinator

              • Use project management tools, like Jira, to plan project deadlines in an agile development cycle
              • Oversee project quality and progress through communication and evaluation in order to meet deadlines
              • Report progress to the stakeholders at the biweekly meetings
              • Analyze the progress of the Unity project with respect to the team’s deadlines to decide on any changes to the team schedule or scope
              • Take the lead on testing and quality assurance for the project

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