Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I join your registry?

By joining the registry, you agree to be contacted by our researchers to participate in the studies where you meet the criteria. (Our registry is shared with collaborating labs across Northeastern University where you may also meet the requirements to partake in studies). You may request us to remove your contact information at any point if you no longer wish to be contacted by us or the collaborating labs.

How and when will my family be contacted for a particular study?

You and/or your family will be contacted through your preferred method of communication (email or phone) once our researchers have confirmed your eligibility to participate in the study.

What are the requirements for participating in a study?

Participant requirements tend to vary by age, sex, and conditions that the research is seeking to study. If you are interested in participating in our study, please check out our Projects Page which will tell you the specifics of each research! 

What are study sessions like?

The first step of our study session is reviewing the consent form with you to inform you of the purpose and the procedure of the study, risks, and benefits, and the data collected from you when you participate. Once you perform the various tasks, we will debrief you with additional research information, such as the specific measurements we have collected from you, to help answer any questions you may have. We will compensate you for your time and may schedule any follow-ups if the study requires. Please note that you may request to stop participating and be removed from the study at any point. 

Do you pay people to participate in studies?

Yes! The rates and method of compensation may vary by the study. 

How do I get to the ReGame-XR Lab?

The ReGame-XR Lab is located on the fourth floor of Robinson Hall, room 402, on the Northeastern University campus. Participants in our studies are provided with parking passes for the Gainsborough and Renaissance parking garages at the end of each session.

From Massachusetts Ave, you can reach the University via St. Boltolph St (pathway marked on the map below in red).

From Huntington Ave, enter Gainsborough St to access the Gainsborough Parking Garage (marked on the map below in blue).

The map below also shows a path to the Student Center (marked in green).

Please use the side door marked in the diagram if you need an accessible route.

For more information on parking structures, follow the link here at https://campusmap.northeastern.edu/parking.html